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Oh and I also really liked your nsfw fic for the prompt haha. The ending was unexpected, but so cute! I'm glad they got a happy, lighthearted ending :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!  I’m glad you liked it, I was reading so many sad ones, I had written so many of my own super sad fics, I wanted a happy note.  And I wanted it to be misleading, to make it seem like something darker or just more serious then to have it really be something fun.  ^_^

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Hi! I really enjoyed reading your vampire story for Rivetra week, and your Failed to Send story! The details and dialogue in the vampire one was so good, and Failed to send was so sad! But I liked it :) Was "on my way" meant to imply that Levi was going to commit/committed suicide?

Thank you!  I’m glad you liked them, that means that I did something right.  ^_^  As for the ending of “Failed to Send” I was afraid that would be the interpretation.  And, honestly, if that’s the ending people like then I don’t want to discourage them from reading it that way.  That said, my intent in writing it was not that he would literally “join her.”  Otherwise I would have tagged it with a warning.  That text is a reference to the last message he received from her, where she was complaining that he was late.  I was trying to imply that he was running late for a date of theirs and that was the night she died.  So, his text was him telling her he was “on his way” to wherever their date was because he feels he should have been there.

(Granted, this was just a quick draft so in revision I could make the connection a bit more obvious, because I was already worried people would draw that conclusion.)

But thank you for the question!  I’m so glad you liked them and this Rivetra Week has been so awesome from everyone!


We’re in love and we’re REALLY ANNOYED ABOUT IT

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Riza is a sniper. A solitary predator. She can stalk her victims for weeks on the loneliest of terrain. She works alone. Live alone, die alone. By herself. Alone. REMEMBER RIZA, REMEMBER WHEN YOU LIVED IN A BIG EMPTY HOUSE. I BET YOU DON’T. HAHAH, ENJOY YOUR TWO FAVORITE BOYS.

Rivetra Week Day Eight: NSFW

Title: Stealing Time
Rating: M (NSFW)
Word Count: 1,707
Pairing: Levi x Petra
Summary: Part of the NSFW prompt, Levi and Petra steal a few minutes of early morning peace before facing their day.

A/N:  Okay, so this is definitely not my best, but I didn’t want to leave the prompt unfinished so I decided to post.  This is light, pure smut without any real point or higher meaning.  Just smut for smut’s sake.  Hope it’s not terrible. 

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my headcanon for the season is that every time hook and emma are about to kiss they get interrupted by either grumpy, snow, a villain, a baby, david, pongo, henry, zelena’s ghost, a flyaway piece of paper—

and finally he gets so frustrated he just screeches, “BLOODY HELL” and charges up to emma and lays one on her in front of, like, the whole town, 

and at first everyone is freaked out (but not that surprised honestly) but then they just are really going at it and after a few minutes of trying to get their attention they give up and just sorta…slide away 




  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story
Rivetra Week Day Seven: Equals/Companions

Please don’t look under the read more.  I want to fulfill all the prompts.  But I had nothing for this one and so my husband made a quick suggestion about companion cubes and one thing led to another and I ended up with this…

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Day 16 - In Public Place  (30 Days OTP Challenge NSFW!!! Version)

Special collab between this blog’s artist and writer!!! Titans are courtesy of Confusedcius

Ummm not sure if this is what celticvampriss or that-kaiju-grrroupie had in mind for public? They’re basically in the middle of some crumbling town square but then we got tired…

Continuation of this challenge


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u guys





touch. nsfw. 4062 words.

He knows how to break bones with ease.  Whether it’s making a calculated blow or a casual flick of the wrist, no one’s ever stood a chance.  He knows how much blood a person needs to lose before they’re finished (2500mL give or take), he knows how much force it takes to dislocate a joint; he knows where to cut when he needs answers, and where to strike when he wants silence. 

He knows how to make it quick, or how to leave you shattered, begging, pleading, for death.

And when the titans came, he knew it all too.

Petra, however, has a far more dangerous weapon in her arsenal.

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Wait a minute, couldn’t there be other settlements with walls, or even other means of stopping the titans, around the world that no one in AoT knows about because they’re so far away so they can’t possibly communicate? 

Can titans swim?  Are there other continents completely okay and without problem because the titans can’t swim across oceans or whatever to reach them?

Is this just a tiny little part of the world that because there is such a lack of technology they have no idea that they’re only a tiny portion of humanity?

I know it doesn’t matter for the sake of the show, but it feels like its a realistic possibility.  Like they finally defeat the titans.  They make it to the ocean.  They make it to another continent and there’s just all these thriving cities that are like ‘wtf do you mean humanity was almost wiped out by titans?  What’s a titan?”

Rivetra Week Day Six: Supposed to be Enemies

Title: Disarming
Pairing: Levi x Petra
Rating: M
Word Count: 5,924
Summary: Levi is a vampire hunter.  Petra is a vampire.  They’re supposed to be enemies and Levi is there to kill her.  He doesn’t.

WARNINGS: There is gore, fighting, violence, and death in this story.  Language.  And some heavy make-out/insinuating/clothing optional mature content.  So I would put this under a tentative NSFW tag, but will tag it just in case.

A/N: I tried with the vampire thing, but probably ruined them. I wrote Petra’s character to fit with her status as a vampire and in a position of power among vampires, so her dialogue might not be the standard for that reason, but I tried to keep the essence of her character in-tact beneath the more assertive vampire persona.  Anyway, I hope it’s enjoyable and worth the high word count.  ^_^

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